Cover (A Cat’s Day)




Giclee print of the cover from ‘A Cat’s Day’ graphic novel by Genie Liang, published by Shortbox.



Genie Liang
Title: ‘Cover (A Cat’s Day)’
Medium: Giclee (Archival Inks) on  Acid-Free Fine-Art Paper
Dimensions: 13” x 19” // 16” x 20” (Framed)
Year of Creation: 2023
Original Medium: Digital Drawing
Original Year of Creation: 2022



Genie Liang is an independent artist from Canada. Their work is known for its minimalist lines, whimsical characters and harmonious colours. They specialize in the feeling of flight; translating it into original paintings, comics and illustrations for album artwork.

You can find more of their work on the artist’s WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.


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