“Petite Hunting Fever” Print Set


The most comprehensive CAPSULE CORNER x Guinevere Reilly collection.

Packaged in a 9”x12” printed linen envelope.

Each set comes with:

  • 5 matte 8”x10” prints from “Petite Hunting Fever”
    • “Fast Food Frenzy”
    • “Leftover Frenzy”
    • “Fruit Frenzy”
    • “Seafood Frenzy”
    • “Dairy Frenzy”
  • Guinevere Reilly‘s Burger Boi’s Puzzle and Strawberry Pin designed exclusively for CAPSULE CORNER

Celebrate Guinevere Reilly‘s solo show at CAPSULE CORNER with this “Petite Hunting Fever” Print Set limited edition of 25.

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